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Triple Threat Virgin Brazilian Remy Curly Hair (3 Bundles)

Triple Threat Virgin Brazilian Remy Curly Hair (3 Bundles)

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Date Added: Tuesday 20 January, 2015

by Renee Michaels

This hair is amazing! I bought this hair maybe a year and a half ago and it's still great. I got the three bundle deal. I live in Toronto, Ontario and received the hair in less than a week (max 4 - 5 days i think). After my first install I knew I had made the right choice. I wet the hair and used some srunching gel and the curls were amazing!! It blended so well with my hair it was ridiculous. Despite the straightening.. the curls bounced back. I also noted that when in humid conditions the hair would poof up a bit. Although i was frustrated at the time, it just proved that the hair I was wearing was actually authentic virgin hair. This hair has been dyed with expired dye, straightened a gazillion times, brushed, pinned, wanded... you name it! and its withheld all of it. Never sealed the wefts and shedding remained minimal, despite the brushing and combing. The hair was very manageable and i did not experience much tangling. If when in its curly state it became tangled, I would spray a mix of water and conditioner on it and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Of course ladies you need to remember that routine treatments of the hair (deep conditioning) and proper maintenance are vital in extending its use. Also remember with curly hair... the longer the hair the looser the curls. I bought 14,16,18. and the curls were fairly tight giving me a good length and I am 6'1. When i straightened the hair it was at or just below bra strap length. All in all, this hair is a good investment and I am planing to buy another bundle deal this week.Lace xclusive is the real deal!

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