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Checkout our simple quick tutorial that shows how to get the perfect natural hairline on your lace frontals, lace closures, and lace wigs. All you need is a pair of tweezers and plenty of patience.

Need more parting space on your custom wigs or lace frontals? Checkout Lace Xclusive's latest product addition our 13" x 6" lace frontals.

Have you ever wondered what exactly is a lace frontal? What makes a lace frontal different from a lace closure. Take a look at this simple quick video for the answer.

Want to know how to make your lace frontal or closure look more natural? Bleaching your knots allow for a more natural scalp appearance and allows you to manipulate the lace color to match different skintones. Checkout our quick easy…

Does your lace frontal not match your skintone? Now you can change the color of your lace frontal or closure using TEA to make it look more natural. Checkout our quick easy tutorial to make your Lace Frontal or Closure…

Tired of Overbleaching the knots on your lace frontal or closure? Checkout our quick fix to have your Lace Frontal or Closure look like a natural hairline!